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Hillary Sukhonos is a refined, fun, and worldly entertainer. Guests often describe her as charming, warm, caring, and insightful.

Letters of recommendation available upong request.

Dancer Cabaret

Ms. Sukhonos has three years experience as a host with Airbnb Experiences Paris, an apprenticeship with Social Hostess, Kate Bursac, on Oceania Cruises, plus seven years expertise running programs for international dance schools in the United States.


She is both competent behind the scenes and comfortable on the stage.

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Certainly, six years in Paris dancing in the world-renowned cabaret, Lido de Paris, makes her a most desirable person of interest to guests of high esteem. She is conversational in French and fluent in English.


Notably, Ms. Sukhonos' elegant presentation and unique life experience will intrigue and entertain your guests. Hillary can regale dinner guests with stories Like the time she personally invited A-listers Johnny Depp and Eddie Izzard to the watch her perform. She can also give a slideshow presentation of her life as a professional dancer, lecture on French Cabaret, and is certified to conduct dance and fitness classes.

Guests and clients enjoy refined presentation and storytelling during her Airbnb Experiences,  Cruise Entertainment, and Private Events. Entreprenuial, gracious, and a convincing speaker, Mme Sukhonos will bring prestige and positive reviews to you.