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Entrepreneurial Australian Showgirls

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Australian Showgirls Return Home & Start Businesses

The entertainment industry will soon mark one year of massive industry shutdown. Don't you dare get depressed! Read this article which showcases 3 Australian showgirls who have become entrepreneurs during the pandemic.

As seen in Dance Life Australia


Finesse Burlesque

Amber Ivers Creates Showgirl Jobs in Brisbane

"We wanted to create jobs for artists who are unemployed due to the pandemic, especially cruise ship artists who have been overlooked." - Amber Ivers

Do you recall Amber Ivers from May 2020? She watched her dream job literally disappear overnight. Well, she is back in a big way. The pandemic gave her an opportunity to bring her sparkle to her hometown of Brisbane and produce her own show.

Finesse Burlesque!

Japan, Hong Kong, Berlin, London, Paris, and LA have seen them in feathers and rhinestones. Amber Ivers and her sister, both local to Brisbane, and both with sparkling international dance careers, now bring their glamour home. The sisters use their combined experience to create a world class cabaret in the heart of Brisbane.

"Finesse Burlesque will take you through a heart warming yet comedic experience of the life of an entertainer. "

Using Brisbane's very own talent pool, the show will captivate with dazzling costumes, live singing, and showgirls. Certainly, the residents of Brisbane have a jewel in their hands.

The show runs for two nights only. Buy Your Tickets for January 29th & 30th Only.

The world is jealous of audiences who are able attend this not-to-be-missed show!


SHE Creative Industries

The Showgirl Shining Her Light On Others

"The year of 2020! I created a fresh vision board of new goals and dreams to accomplish from the beginning of the new decade into the future years of my life. One of the main focuses was to come back down from my very fast-paced world in Paris to a normal state of health and wellness. I needed a new mindset, to remember who I was and what I loved to do. Although 2020 did not go to plan because of Covid-19... another hidden dream came into fruition... SHE.

Savanna Haenel, 21 year old, shares her new venture, SHE Creative Industries.

In her own words...

SHE Creative Industries was inspired during the Covid-19 lockdown and was an idea that took 3 months before being launched on social media in September 2020.

The pandemic caused significant damage and disruption for our Entertainment Industries worldwide. Performing arts companies and venues closed overnight; all performers, production staff, technical cast and crew were suddenly without work or stood down, contracts either put on hold or terminated resulting in massive income losses, those stuck at sea on cruise ships were not allowed off board for months on end, those in other countries returned back home if they were lucky enough to make it before borders closed, some becoming Covid positive, and the list goes on.

Due to these reasons, there was a devastating decline in peoples mental health and creatives were left without a life purpose.

As the director of SHE and being a professional dancer myself, I had deep empathy and understanding for other performers because I was suffering as well. So, I decided to turn negatives into positives and create an uplifting space where artists could be heard and open up about what they have experienced during this time, reconnect with one another and feel as part of a community.

SHE Creative Industries has launched an 'Artists Unite' series showcasing 20 Professional Australian Performers who have worked in prestigious companies all around the world. These interview videos give audiences an insight into each performers career, behind-the-scenes footage, what they have experienced during Covid-19, how they have coped, passing on helpful advice and inspiring messages to others who are struggling. The current goal is to inform, educate, raise awareness, inspire, give a voice to our creative community and create positive change.

What motivates me to share these artists stories is the fact that Entertainment in Australia is simply seen as a hobby and a non essential Industry. The majority of the general public here have no understanding of what we actually do, who we are as people, how hard we work and train to have a career in this Industry, and how important we are for society.

It's almost as if we have been overlooked, ignored, disregarded and neglected. This is why it was incredibly important to me to do something to educate Australian viewers as well as International viewers and this series is the beginning project of many more in the near future. It will be a space that continues to grow and expand as time moves forward all relevant to Arts and Entertainment Industries. I have many more creative projects in mind to keep portraying positive and empowering messages.

However, I unfortunately cannot go into too much detail about those at this current moment otherwise it will spoil the surprise! In the further future though, it will become a company that produces shows and create opportunity for all types of creatives.

After the 'Artists Unite' series comes to a conclusion, another project will be in the making so stay tuned for more exciting works. Please give us a follow!

Connect with SHE

Projects that are invented by SHE Creative Industries can be found:

Audiences can interact and communicate with the Artists we have on our page as well as

like, comment, share and subscribe! We would love to have your support right now more than ever and we invite you to come on board with us and follow the journey!

SHE Creative Presents...


Bisous Booty

Dress to Impress with Bisous Booty Activewear

Siobhan tells us about her brand...

Bisous Booty is an activewear brand focusing on creating garments specifically for showgirls, by a showgirl. We are sustainable and ethically made in Australia, and created with long legs and flattering silhouettes in mind.

After years of struggles to find long enough leggings, and the right cut when it comes to audition garments, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create what it is I have been looking for!

As we all know, being a showgirl, presentation is everything. Having garments that are made to fit our proportions and flattering our lines is something that I am passionate about. I have done too many auditions in ill-fitting or unsupportive outfits and spent too much money on "long" leggings that just graze the ankle!

Next Product Launch is in March 2021!

Dream Jobs That Inspires

One of my career highlights was the maiden voyage of the World Dream vessel with Dream Cruises - we sailed passenger-free from Germany to our home Port of Hong Kong through Gibraltar, Egypt, the Suez Canal, accompanied by 7 snipers through pirate waters (which sounds a lot scarier than it actually was), then onto Sri Lanka and Singapore.

That contract was one of the most mentally exhausting contracts I have ever done, but one I very much treasure. As dancers we modeled couture gowns and swimwear for various fashion designers from Hong Kong. I learnt ballroom from the Georgian ballroom champions onboard and even eventually performed in the ballroom show (a cast of ONLY ballroom pro's). It was all a huge achievement and privilege for me. Lastly, I also got to work with my sister on that contract.

Special Shout Out...

One person I have to shoutout is definitely my sister - she is one tough cookie! Her resilience is amazing. At the beginning of the pandemic, when everyone else fled home to Australia, she stayed in Paris, all alone to hold onto her contract (which at the time was not yet a CDI) at the Moulin. She has since moved into a beautiful apartment with her partner but watching her from afar going in and out of confinement, unsure when she will get back to work and a world away from family and friends whilst we have been living life almost back to normal here

On a personal note, I have found the pandemic to really help me re-evaluate my life; The people in it and also my own happiness. I'm someone who always likes to find positives to every situation, so whilst I desperately miss being up on stage, I have had a chance to spend time with my family and friends here in Australia. As other showgirls know, this is not a luxury often afforded in our line of work.

We have been extremely lucky here in Australia, so I am very grateful to be here during this time.

We ship worldwide!

Our next launch is March 2021. This will be the window of time to place your order and receive your product before summer. Made for a showgirl.

Instagram is @bisousbooty

Website is

I just want to encourage any fellow dancers to remember why we love what we do, and to

lean on each other in these times. We have been hit so hard, but as dancers resilience is

in our blood, and we will be back. - Siobhan, Founder of Bisous Booty


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