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Black Dance Continuum Influencing French Cabaret

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Cabaret Diversity Network orchestrated a star-studded panel discussion about French cabaret with Turn Out Radio host, Nicole Indica Hamilton.

Hear choreographer, Benoit Swan Pouffer, discuss why the show Paris Mervielles encapsulates modern cabaret. Be inspired by Charlotte Calixte's sophisticated responses to questions about the myths surrounding women who perform in cabaret. As well, LaMichael Leonard Jr. imparts insights rarely discussed among his contemporaries.

Listen Here!

Turn Out Radio Interviews Stars of French Cabaret


Cabaret Diversity Network's mission is to celebrate, nourish, and enhance the legacy of diversity on cabaret stages. Turn Out Radio is an innovative and engaging talk show which presents the latest in dance news within the national and international spectrum of current events broadcast from Toronto, Canada.


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