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Sell Choreography in the Digital Age

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

First of its kind buying and selling platform on behalf of choreographers all over the world.

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When the young dancers of today grow up and become producers and dance studio owners, they will buy choreography online.

Millenials are the largest consumer group and largest populous generation in the world today. They have buying power of over 200 billion. And soon, the dance millennials will begin copywriting and selling their choreographic work instead of posting it to YouTube for free.

Take a moment to review these headlines and articles about dance copyright:

January 1st, 1978 was the first time choreography was written into US copyright law with theThe Copyright Act provides in section 102(a)(4) for copyright protection in “pantomimes and choreographic works”. If you are just hearing about this now is proof the concept didn't catch fire in the dance community.

Digitalization Is Fueling Interest in Dance Copyright

With the advent of online platforms like Choreography Online, dancers will no longer nab sequences from YouTube videos nor wish they could have permission to copy whatever genius performance they saw on stage. Instead, they will buy the rights to their favorite choreography directly from their laptop or mobile device. Choreographers get paid, legal licenses are given out to the buyer, great dance flourishes like never before, and everyone is happy.

Welcome to the future of dance commerce.

As I write (2020) there is a proliferation of self publishing, online courses, viral Tik Tok explosions, and online subscriptions for class and coaching. So when will dancers clue into selling their choreography online?

So when will dancers clue into selling their choreography online?

This vision is a first of its kind platform aptly named, Choreography Online. Co-founded by André Faleiros, Rick Tjia, and Rome Saladino. Choreography Online was launched in 2019 as an online platform that sells performance rights for dance choreography on behalf of choreographers all over the world.

Simply put, for all the choreographers out there, in addition to posting your pieces to YouTube or Instagram, you can post the final product and explainer video to a platform that monetizes your work and reaches buyers.

The dance world is notoriously behind the times. When innovation comes around, most of the dance world sticks to traditional ways of operating. However, the world has changed and industry giants like World of Dance and Move It London understand the potential of Choreography Online.

Urban dancers are already gaining most of their bookings and exposure online. Thanks to video technology, viewing choreography is being woven into the daily fabric of our lives. Case in point, Tik Tok (formerly Musically) the fastest growing social platform in the world, deals in the language of storytelling through dance videos.

Will buying choreography online soon be as familiar as buying the latest gadgets on Amazon?

This behavior waits to be seen.

Dancers Pose at Trocodero in Paris

Rick Tjia, the founder of Choreography Online, says this is the future. Tjia has no doubts that if there is an affordable, and easy way to access media - people would prefer to buy it rather than rip it off.

What about you? Would you rather subscribe to Title or Spotify or sneak around the web downloading illegal mp3’s? The concept has already proven itself with billion dollar giants like Shutterstock, which deals in photo media copyright sales. Choreography Online is the dance media equivalent.

If there is an affordable, and easy way to access media - people would prefer to buy it rather than rip it off.

Passive Income for Choreographers

This new platform could offer a new or supplementary way to earn a living for choreographers - a way that would allow them to create more dance choreography. It has the potential to change the landscape of the dance industry by expanding the lifespan and reach of choreography.

The digital age has brought several disruptive platforms which create new ways to share, connect and ultimately live. This is one of them.

Now imagine if Alvin Ailey wanted to sell limited rights to a few historic pieces. High school and college dance programs would now have the opportunity, for the first time, to legally perform an Ailey piece. Imagine if choreographers can leave an online legacy of their works to be copied and performed worldwide.

What is copied, will be remembered. What cannot be copied, is lost.

Admittedly, this idea is a hard sell to the “Fine Arts world.” It is challenging for traditions of imparting choreography in person, live in the studio. If there is anything this pandemic has taught us - choreography can be successfully transmuted online. Perhaps the students won't have perfect extension or foundational technique, but the piece will live again in the hearts and minds of a whole new audience - one that did not previously have access to his work.

The global dance market-place open for business

Is the world ready to buy?

Choreography Online ushers in a new era for the dance industry. Our hands hold the small electric devices which share dance like never before. And now, dance makers are able to put their choreographers under short term license and sell their work online.

The technology has arrived - but will the dance communities embrace the power of copyright and licensing for their creative work?

Learn more about Choreography.Online through their website.

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