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A New French Star at the Lido de Paris

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

They are the spirit of the show and the incarnation of the Lido style.

-Jeremy Bauchet

Her debut is the first performance after 18 months of theater closures caused by the pandemic.

On September 16th Mélissa Sicre will make her debut performance as one of the five principles at the Lido de Paris. She will become a Sublime, the title given to the highest ranking female artists. "Being a principal dancer in a cabaret that is 75 years old, which is infused with show business legends, is a challenge and an honor. You must be exemplary on and off stage." remarks the new Assistant Ballet Master, Jeremy Bauchet. Star-studded galas, gifts from Guerlain, and the costumes dripping with crystals are just the beginning.

“I realize the importance of this title and I look forward to infusing my personal style into this iconic French theater. I will try my best to live up to the greatness of those who have performed before me!" - Mélissa Sicre

The five Sublime roles were created in 2015 for the new revue, Paris Merveilles. The show is a modern revision of French Cabaret, which emphasizes womens strength and individuality. Each Sublime has a scene created especially for her by Hollywood choreographer, Benoit Swan-Pouffer.

At 25 years old, Mélissa Sicre exudes the elegance of a young Audrey Hepburn. She was born in Aubagne and studied at Opera Ballet School of Paris and also the National Conservatory of Dance and Music of Paris (CNSMDP) before joining Lido as a Bluebell in May of 2016. Mélissa is an ideal role model for young dancers because she epitomizes hard work, a humble attitude, and exceptional beauty coming from within. She invites fans to follow her career @melissa.sicre

"My classical training allows me to perform the technical choreography, however the touch of glamour can only be learned at the Lido de Paris. The Lido is my first professional job. This company has shaped me into the artist I am today. " - Mélissa Sicre

Today, the current line of Sublimes features Alicia Maury, from France, who is original Sublime and performs the role tailor made for her. Renee Roozendaal, from Holland, an original cast who was promoted to the Sublime line soon after joining the company. And finally, two Australian dancers, Leah Dominiak and Savanna Haenel, who are newly promoted for the grand reopening 2021 alongside Melissa Sicre.

With the changes onstage, there is also changes behind the scenes. Jèrèmy Bauchet, a French dancer in the boys line, has been appointed as the Assistant Ballet Master. He had previously gained notoriety for reviving the Lido talent show in 2018 (which is now an annual event). Jèrèmy explains, "As far as I can remember I always was fascinated by the principal female dancers at the Lido de Paris. I’m delighted to start my new role in the Lido’s artistic direction with newcomers in the Sublime line like Mélissa. Each one of them is unique and will bring something new but true to what the Lido essence is."

Rising to the Challenge

"Ce n'est que le début d'un nouveau chapitre pour moi. Ma croissance en tant qu'artiste n'est pas terminée. C'est l'occasion d'élever mon niveau d'interprète et de m'épanouir encore plus dans ce nouveau rôle sur cette scène qui fait rêver" - Mélissa Sicre

After months of uncertainty and closures, the entire cast of artists at Lido are prepared to wow audiences on September 16th and beyond. Parisians can be proud of their showgirls. Dress to impress and expect a jovial pre-show over dinner followed by a mesmerizing spectacular unique to the culture of France.


Author's Note:


Lido de Paris is the jewel of French entertainment and a strong employer of international and diverse performers. Interested dancers are invited to inquire about auditions at Minimum height begins at 175cm with legs kicking up to your ears.


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About the Author: Hillary Sukhonos is an American in Paris. She achieved her dream international dance career and now pursues her interests in public relations, digital dance innovation, and diversity advocacy. Read more at


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