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14 Examples of Resilient Artists

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

(audio ccompaniment for your enjoyment)

"We are dancing in a crisis. We are dancers in crisis. See how we rise."


How ya'll doin'?

Dancers have not felt normal since approximately March 1st, 2020.

Uncertainty is an everyday state of being. Disruptions shakes our industry weekly. For example: shock waves were sent when news broke that Broadway and West End re-opening dates will be January 2021, a few days later Cirque du Soliel filed for bankruptcy, then Hamilton was streamed on Disney+ for the tune of 75 million dollars, the largest purchasing rights for a single show in history; after that, I learned Americans are not allowed to travel to the EU for the foreseeable future.

And that was last weeks news.

Let's list each crisis separate:

1. Global Pandemic

2. Social Injustice & Uprising

3. Economic Depression

4. Ongoing Artist Unemployment

5. Travel Bans

6. Personal Crisis

Ok, 6 simultaneously intertwined crisis as of today, July 6th, 2020. I wonder what will happen next week because it could literally be anything. Aliens are coming, right?

...I am taking it day by day.

What will be the outcome of this difficult period?

Below are 14 examples of resilient artists of 7 different nationalities proving their strength through difficult times.

(Each photo is linked to their Instagram account so you can follow.)

To begin the Resilient Artist series, Alvin Ailey senior company member, Samantha Figgins:

Savanna Haenel, Australian, Principal Replacement at the Lido de Paris in France:

Rachel Harris, American, Graduate Student of Journalism and USC Kaufman Dance Graduate and performer with Zeitgeist Dance Theatre and Parsons Dance:

Nico Jelmoni, Monégasque, performer and specialty act in numerous high profile Broadway, TV, and shows global: ((Read about Nico's full experience in the upcoming blog post))

Ashley Simpson, American, in Ballet X, Collage Dance Collective, & Fordham Alumni:

Julian T. Ardely, New Zealander, dancer, writer, model based in France at the Lido:

Caio Rodrigo, Brazilian, formerly Atlantic City Ballet, now Collage Dance Collective:

Kayla Rick, South African, dancer at the Lido, Paris:

Katherine Arnold, English, movie actress and specialty act performer based in London:

Guh Madubuike, Brazilian, First State Ballet Theater member and Bolshoi Brazil graduate:

Diana Paula Paredes, American, Nashville Ballet second company member:

Amber Ivers, Australian, dancer extraordinaire of Germany, France, USA and beyond:

See Amber's full article on her #resilientartist story in this blog post

Ellen Aldridge, American, dances with Tapestry Dance and J Lindsey Brown Dance:

Yours truly, American, in Paris:

Be heard, be seen, submit your #ResilientArtist Story today and be a part of history.

The Resilient Artist series is ongoing throughout the pandemic and fallout events.

So far, dancers have been held aboard cruise ships for months in isolation [article coming soon!], furloughed by bankrupting production companies, marching in Black Lives Matter protests, writing to their companies about diversity concerns, moving their stages to the screens, pursuing hobbies (and turning them into jobs), and are generally screen-fatigued from too many Zoom classes. What is your story?

To submit, please write to the BirdintheWorld Instagram page. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Reading Resources for Global Artists!

  • The United Nations

  • Andrew W. Mellon Institute

  • Psychology Today

Image credits can be sourced through original posters Instagram page or by contacting


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