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Two Latin Showgirls Design Shoes

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Discovering Showgirl Fashion Born of Two Multicultural Dancers in Paris.

By Hillary Sukhonos from Fresh Eye Magazine

(See Original Article in Full Color here)

Interview from Paris, France, Lido de Paris.

Two Latino Showgirls

One Vivacious Shoe Brand

Within one year of launching, Dondoks has been featured in Cosmo, Marie

Claire, Glamour, Vogue and sells in the iconic department stores

Bloomingdales and Printemps. What is key to your success?

This city has given me so many opportunities, including the one of creating my own shoe brand!

In the new generation transparency in every processes is key when creating

a brand. Consumers discovered the horror of fast fashion and want to be

sure they’re buying something that was made respecting the environment

and workers. From the beginning, it was obvious for us to implement these

essential values in Dondoks, meanwhile creating beautiful and feminine

styles for our ladies.

Femininity! Joie de vivre!

How much does the French sensibility influence your brand?

Charlotte: I always use to say, 'My education is French but my heart is in

Brazil'. My passion for fashion has no doubt been born here.

Carmen: Living here has opened the door to fashion and made me fall in

love with accessories. This city has given me so many opportunities,

including the one of creating my own shoe brand!

What is luxury to you? Is it changing with the new generation?

Charlotte: I would define it like this: rarity, transparency and most

importantly a very strong relationship with your client.

It’s not only about the product, it’s everything you offer around it that makes the person buying it feel special.

Franco-Brazilian-Mexican women entrepreneurs. Do you feel your brand

strengthened by your identity?

Charlotte: Being an entrepreneur is not a boy thing anymore, and god, that

feels good!

Our multicultural identity is probably the core element of whats Dondoks is; Its DNA and essence. It is important for us to instill a latino vibe in Dondoks. Materials, colors, and highlighting the know how of our mother countries (everything is handmade by

Brazilian artisans).

Thanks for letting us get to know your brand.

What’s next?

Carmen: Our next collection will be presented in June. Here in Paris,

together with our friend Kalon, we present a lifestyle event on June 1st

called “Tropical Paris”, inviting everyone for a day of fashion, wellness &


Where to see them next:

Terass Hotel 12-14 Rue Joseph de Maistre,

75018 Paris

This Article was first published in Spring 2019 by Fresh Eye Magazine.

Original Article here:


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