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Sukki Menon Explains NFTs to Dancers

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Sukki Menon Explains NFTs to Dancers

We keep hearing about them but still don't know what they are.

Dancer, actress, and activist, Sukki Menon (formerly known as Sukki Singapora) shares her take on why NFTs are important for dance artists. She is one of the few women on earth selling her dance art as a Non-fungible Token. (check out her collection here). Out of all the art forms, dance is notoriously behind the times. This is a moment to modernize.

You don't have to be a futurist to understand that people love collecting art. Digital art is no different. Now, for the first time in history a dance fan can own the the art of their favorite choreographer or dancer. Dancers and choreographers can directly sell their digital art creations. So what are you waiting for?

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The stage is set for seductress of technology, freedom, and burlesque in Bollywood, Sukki Menon to explain NFTs...

How many NFT auctions have you held and what did you auction off exactly?

I released my first NFTs in March of 2021, which were a three-piece capsule collection and collaboration with 30 times Vogue featured Fine Art photographer, Karolina Skorek. The pieces were short videos shot in slow motion with a nod to Neoclassicism. They were a love letter to the careers of both myself and Skorek. An historical timestamp of the career of one Artist, immortalised by another. I loved the idea of combining the stylism of the old world with the virtual and the new.

People are overwhelmed and confused by NFTs, how do you explain them to your friends?

It’s a pretty basic description, but I describe it as if someone took a pen and signed an actual .jpg file. That .jpg file can look exactly the same as a copy, but only one is the original signed .jpg. Then when that original is sold, the artist keeps getting royalties because of a smart contract. So it’s a beautiful way of giving artists the financial recognition they deserve. Also that “signed” .jpg is immortalised forever on something called the blockchain. It’s a bit of a messy description, but it’s the closest I can get to someone who doesn’t know anything about the space! and MetaMask are your chosen platforms, will you continue to create and auction by them? Are you using any others?

At the moment I love Foundation and MetaMask, they’re really easy to use and I love the fact that once I mint a piece on Foundation, it’s also available on OpenSea, so that makes it accessible to a larger audience of collectors. I think that in the future I’ll gravitate towards whichever space is best for the environment, because I’m definitely conscious of my carbon footprint when it comes to NFTs.

Why would anyone want to buy an NFT?

NFTs are not just an incredible way to support your favourite artists, they’re a way to literally own the zeitgeist of our current digital revolution, immortalised forever. They’re also an investment for the future and a way to share with the online community your personality and creativity in a whole new way.

In 50 years, how do you think NFTs will be shown in galleries and shown and resold?

Wow! The possibilities are limitless. NFTs are already being hosted in virtual worlds and virtual houses. I’m sure in the future they’ll bridge gaps between the virtual and physical spaces in an augmented reality. It’s impossible to predict, but what I’m certain of is that technology and the organic will become intrinsically intertwined in a way that allows us to operate without borders.

What is next for your NFT creation? Any new projects we should look for?

I have a new collection which is already in the works and will be released towards the end of this year. I can’t say too much, but it’s going to blend the physical and virtual in a way that right now I haven’t seen before. I’m really excited.

Shout out to your biggest fans on discord or social media...

Shoutout to @ashdmack and @weirdvisa on Instagram for supporting my first collection!!

Historically, dance artists have remained the poorest and least digitally capable of all art disciplines. Sukki Menon, dance activist, and start-up Choreography.Online are trying to educate their community of dancers about the new digital world of art. This may be the first step to engage with a whole new type of NFT: Dance, choreography, and movement art.

If you don’t already follow this power-house dancer activist movie star, get going!

Sukki Menon is a social activists who played an integral role in legalizing the public performance of Burlesque in Singapore in 2015 under the name Sukki Singapora. She has since went on to star in her own Netflix special, won prestigious awards, created and sold NFT and is generally taking over the world for the good of women everywhere. Cabaret Diversity Network supports Sukki for her cross cultural integration in dance and celebration of women's empowerment in the burlesque genre.


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